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Sentoshi Sword Series

The Sentoshi Sword Series is an exciting and motivating interpretation of the To-Shin Do Ninja martial arts sword techniques by Senior Master Instructor, Mark Sentoshi Russo.

The Level One Twelve Count Kata is clearly and thoroughly presented in this course. The program takes you step by step through the twelve Fundamental Kenjutsu postures combined with cuts, deflections and counter cuts. An additional bonus is Master Russo’s unarmed interpretation of each clash, providing greater understanding and wider application for a first rate learning experience.

Shoulder Dislocation Workshop

Join Shihan Mark Sentoshi Russo as he guides his students through a seminar workshop on shoulder dislocation techniques. The specific techniques addressed in this course include Musha Dori and Ura Oni Kudaki.

After several decades of training and teaching Sentoshi Russo Sensei presents unique insights and application pointers that only an experienced master teacher can provide.

Shoulder Dislocation Workshop with Shihan Mark Sentoshi Russo

Hanbo Locking and Leveraging

Learn how to use a hanbo (Japanese cane or short stick) to turn an attacker’s energy, or even their own skeleton, against them. Shihan James Kentoshi Norris takes you through the foundations of two important hanbo skills; how to create locks and how to create leverage.

Trapped at Knifepoint

Learn how to turn an attacker into his own worst enemy. Shihan Mark Sentoshi Russo guides you through efficient and effective methods for managing the nightmare scenario of finding yourself trapped at knifepoint.



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Rolling Skills

Getting to the ground safely is an essential skill in any martial arts training program. Whether getting thrown in training, slipping on an icy sidewalk, or going to the ground in a fight, being able to roll is one of the most important things you’ll learn in To-Shin Do. In this course, James Kentoshi Norris takes you through all the rolling and ukemi skills needed on the way to a black belt.

Gun Defenses: Rear Attacks

Learning to deal with firearms is an important part of self-defense training. In this second in a series of gun defense courses, we cover examples of dealing with rear attacks, carjackings, and rescue situations when you don’t have a weapon of your own.



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Ninja Lab

Imagine a kata to be a small antique box that has locks on the outside. The box is decorated and quite beautiful. Many people collect these boxes, each one being different from the others but still quite beautiful, and store them on a shelf called memory.

They will take a box off a shelf and look at it or clean it and then put it back up on the shelf. Sometimes they will take a sample of their boxes to a convention to show them off to others who have come to share and compare their boxes too.

Because these antique boxes are so beautiful most have never considered opening these locked boxes. But inside these boxes are the real gift, the boxes are just the wrappings.

Locked inside kata and techniques are the secrets of the martial arts. You can not just memorize kata if you want to be a martial artist, you have to experience them. Ninja Lab shows you how to use martial science to unlock the hidden concepts within and discover the martial arts.

Gun Defenses: Front Attacks

Learning to deal with firearms is an important part of self-defense training. In this first in a series of gun defense courses, we deal with front attacks when you don’t have a weapon of your own.



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Crushing the Attack – Part 1

Counter striking an attacker’s punching arm is highly effective and unexpected. In this mid-range version of counter-punching the punch course you will study the specific details of protecting yourself while simultaneously delivering a punishing counter attack.


Instructing Earth: Front Attacks

This course covers front striking attacks and limb restraints from the earth element. An-Shu Hayes and his instructors cover in depth technique details, drills, and target work, designed to give instructors tools to create dynamic earth level classes!