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Transitioning to Invisible Movement

One of the most well-known hallmarks of the ninja is their ability to be invisible. This invisibility of the ninja is not only about vanishing in the darkness however, but is also a description of their highest levels of unarmed combat as well. Whether dealing with historical techniques or modern self-defense skills, our To-Shin Do martial art contains a path to learn this ninja secret of invisibility. Every technique from the very beginning to high level black belt teaches the stair steps of skill needed to vanish in the middle of the fight.

In this course, To-Shin Do Master James Kentoshi Norris demonstrates a way to transition from core black belt skills into this hidden ninja movement. Each module starts with a conventional way of moving that ‘looks like a fight and feels like a fight’ to the aggressor, and still uses correct To-Shin Do principles to end the conflict. Then the same defense is looked at from a perspective of wanting to end the fight, but not wanting to injure the aggressor. That way of moving can be applied to every To-Shin Do technique, creates a ‘sliding scale’ of responses depending upon the level of threat, and leads to this idea of hidden ninja movement. Each module ends with an example of how that concept could create a response that feels invisible to the aggressor, until it is too late for them to resist.


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