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Matrix Of Martial Arts

Part One of the Matrix of Martial Arts Course Series: The Ninja using their taijutsu skills had the ability to sense a hidden flow of information around them and use it to shape and mold each moment in a conflict to their benefit. Most students of the art want to learn to sense and use this hidden information flow but there is a problem…it’s hidden!

Because it’s hidden what you see and hear in your mind when trying to learn it is not necessarily what is actually happening. You mind interprets what you see and tries to put it into context of what you already know. The problem is how to bypass this misinterpretation in order to get to understanding because understanding occurs not by validating what you think you know but by discovering what you don’t know.

A TED talk by Alex Wissner-Gross opened the door to an answer. He has created a mathematical formula for intelligence that he uses to create AI in computers. In his presentation he defines intelligence as the physical process of trying to take control in order to maximize options and avoid constraints.

His presentation impacted me on many levels but the similarity of this definition to what we do in Ninja Taijutsu was the most important. It allowed me to take his definition and formula and adapt it to our needs. My definition of ninja taijutsu is the physical process of trying to take control with kamae in order to achieve our goals while maximizing options and avoiding constraints in the ever-changing moments of a conflict.

What this means for learning ninja taijutsu is that you must physically experience the lesson being taught to understand it, allowing you to bypass the misinterpretation of words. How do you find and physically experience the principles hidden within the kata?

To answer that we created…The Matrix Of Martial Arts

A simple 3-step process repeated over and over like a fractal formula that allows you to learn Ninja Taijutsu in order to be able to create an appropriate response for any situation. Within the Matrix of Martial Arts Course these steps are broken down into simple drills that give you the physical experience of ninja taijutsu. Literally creating understanding in your brain.


Control With Kamae

The first part of The Matrix of Martial Arts formula is taking control with kamae. These lessons will give you the physical understanding of how to always be in control by being in kamae, which itself is comprised of physical sensations of gravity, focus, and cover.


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