Unlimited training from $25/month

Hombu-Registered Trainer

The course is the first step to becoming a Hombu-Registered Trainer or Instructor.

A Hombu-Registered Trainer runs a training group, but does not award official rank in To-Shin Do. Ranking continues to be done through a local registered instructor or ninjaselfdefense.com. The process of becoming a Hombu-Registered Trainer is:

  • Complete the online To-Shin Do Hombu-Registered Trainer course.
  • Schedule a Trainer Evaluation for $199 which involves uploading a 20-minute video that shows you teaching one or more classes. You will be evaluated by a member of the Shihan Kai. This fee covers a criminal background check as well as the costs of evaluation.
  • Maintain an active subscription at NinjaSelfDefense.com at Advanced (or higher) level.
  • In order to maintain your Registered Trainer status you are required to do one of the following every year: attend the annual Ninja Festival, attend a training event with An-shu Stephen K. Hayes, or one of the Hombu Shihan, or schedule an online private with An-shu Stephen K. Hayes or An-shu Rumiko Hayes, or a Shihan.
  • Make sure that every student that studies with you is a registered To-Shin Do member.


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