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Beginner Legs Workout

Beginner Workout 1 - Legs

This beginning leg workout course is designed to help students of To-Shin Do achieve critical strengthening of their base to support superior power and stability in every technique. This conditioning program will not only dramatically improve your marital arts skills but improve your overall health and fitness, helping to prevent common knee and back problems. This course is also for anyone interested in better leg strength to be included in an overall strengthening program.

Stay focused on each exercise as you do it. Learn to communicate with and activate the correct muscle groups. Learn to eliminate anterior pelvic tilt (which compromises your balance, making you more vulnerable and less powerful). This is what I often refer to in my training sessions as ugly butt or saving your butt. This conditioning program will strengthen the neural synaptic connections that make activating the right muscles at the right time a natural reflexive part of your movement.



Author: Mark Sentoshi Russo

This course is packed with benefits from overall good health, cardio and muscular fitness, potential weight loss and increased energy, to superior martial arts skill development and more rapid advancement. It is a beginning course in that it will introduce you to some of the most important basic exercises. It is none-the-less challenging and should […]

Light Stretch

Author: Mark Sentoshi Russo

Light stretching is always a great way to warm up. Maintaining flexibility is important for good health, fluid movement, and avoiding injury. If time permits spend time foam rolling or using a lacrosse ball or tennis ball. This is covered in my functional fitness course. To access this content, you must purchase To-Shin Do Training […]

Core Wake-Up

Author: Mark Sentoshi Russo

Training your body to move from your core is essential for good To-Shin Do taijutsu movement. Increasing core strength will very quickly improve your sense of unified movement and natural speed and power. Focus on core activation and strengthening has become a primary focus in the fitness and wellness world for good reason. These few […]

Set One

Author: Mark Sentoshi Russo

Set One includes the kneeling lunge which can do wonders for your stability as you’re in proper kamae posture. This can give you enormous benefits before conflicts even begin. The double hip bridge will train your train your gluteus muscles to give you more power and stability when striking, positioning and throwing. The single leg […]

Set Two

Author: Mark Sentoshi Russo

Set Two includes an exercise which I have named the ichimonji double rock short squat which will help improve your ichimonji movement as you keep your back straight, and be confident and comfortable with your weight on one leg. The single hip bridge is a more challenging version of the double hip bridge and will […]

Set Three

Author: Mark Sentoshi Russo

Set Three includes a long bo/hanbo squat, hamstring walk, and frontal lunge. The long bo squat will begin to integrate correct upper body posture in to your leg movement, again improving a natural sense of unified movement. The hamstring walk engages your entire posterior chain as you strengthen the back of your legs, your glutes, […]

Set Four

Author: Mark Sentoshi Russo

In set four we begin to wind down by working calves, and their opposing muscle groups of the anterior shin, ab crunches, and sky divers, which support good posture by strengthening the posterior chain. To access this content, you must purchase To-Shin Do Training Subscription – Master Access, Monthly, To-Shin Do Training Subscription – Master […]

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