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To-Shin Do Schools – Vision, Mission, and Values

I was asked how I define our work, and specifically, what makes the Quest Center To-Shin Do schools stand out. Here is what I ended up replying:

Vision: Life mastery through martial arts

Mission: To encourage peace, happiness, friendship, and fulfillment through the practice of modern and classical protection, health and fitness, life organization, and positive character skills.


  • Dignity
    We recognize the dignity of all individuals, and treat all members with consideration, fairness, and respect.

  • Ethics
    We maintain highest ethical standards, fostering an environment of mutual encouragement, respect, and trust.

  • Innovation
    We maintain the principles of our founding masters while growing and improving our instruction and organization.

  • Excellence
    We strive for the highest level of development for each participant, each dojo, and our organization as a whole.

  • Exploration
    We value collaboration with all martial artists, and enjoy shared learning.
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