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Ground Fighting II

Master Norris and An-shu Hayes take you through answers to even more challenging ground situations, giving you tools and techniques to defend, control, and end the fight, as well as drills to help you polish your techniques.
Ground Fighting with Shihan James Kentoshi Norris


押 虚 O-Kyo “Shove Feint” An aggressor grabs your left lapel and right sleeve and twists you into place for a forward shoulder throw. In old Japan, the right arm was usually the more dangerous one, and so getting inside and taking control of the arm was a common goal in any form of hand-to-hand […]


逆 流 Saka-Nagare “Reversing the flow” Defend against multiple punch and kick attack by going angularly off-line and capturing the adversary’s arm for a strike and wristlock take-down. Surprise the aggressor by snagging his attack to turn his moving limbs into his weakness. Practice riding an aggressor’s attacking movements as the means to create your […]


胴 返 Do-Gaeshi “Torso overthrow” Defense against kneeling torso punch or lapel grab – Going around the problem to affect a solution from the outside. Practice defending from a compromised sitting position and rising into a counterattack.   Lesson 1   Step-by-Step From seiza, with toes tucked under for support, the attacker advances with a […]