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Shoulder Dislocation Workshop

Join Shihan Mark Sentoshi Russo as he guides his students through a seminar workshop on shoulder dislocation techniques. The specific techniques addressed in this course include Musha Dori and Ura Oni Kudaki.

After several decades of training and teaching Sentoshi Russo Sensei presents unique insights and application pointers that only an experienced master teacher can provide.

Shoulder Dislocation Workshop with Shihan Mark Sentoshi Russo

Effortless Throws

The Ninja can accomplish their goals without the need to use physical force. In this session from Ninja Festival, Dennis Fuutoshi Mahoney shows you how to use gravity to off balance and throw your opponent effortlessly. This course is dedicated to the memory of our friend Paul.


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The Invisible Warrior – Festival 2013

Mark Sentoshi Russo

Mark Sentoshi Russo

Reappearing Dangerously

Shihan Mark Sentoshi Russo examines the art of setting traps that attackers can fall in to, which in turn allow you to achieve greater success in defending yourself.

James Kentoshi Norris

James Kentoshi Norris

Attacking From the Shadows

Shihan James Kentoshi Norris explores the concept of attacking from multiple and unexpected angles and alignments to gain a tactical advantage over your attacker.

Dennis Fuutoshi Mahoney

Dennis Fuutoshi Mahoney

Safety Through Kamae

Shihan Dennis Fuutoshi Mahoney describes how to use kamae and alignment to find safe spaces when attacked from several angles.

Secrets of the Kunoichi

Want to know why this is the perfect martial art for women? Look no further. An-shu Rumiko Hayes teaches you why size and speed don’t matter, and how you can defeat larger, stronger attackers.

Gyaku Nage Kata

The Kuki Shinden Ryu taijutsu exercise Gyaku Nage was most likely originally taught as a way to learn to fight an adversary in Japanese samurai armor. That is how my teacher first taught it to me in Japan in the 1970s.


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Step by Step

  • Begin with free tactical movement from the kosei no kamae.
  • He executes a right punch.
  • Counter with a left forearm hit to the inside of his right arm.
  • Follow with a chin-ken fingertip spear to the lips.
  • He counters by leaning his head back.
  • You follow with a right kick to his left knee.
  • He counters by pulling his left leg further back away from the kick.
  • He continues with a left punch to your face.
  • You counter with a right defensive strike to the inside of his left arm.
  • Grab his left wrist with your right hand and execute a left chin-ken strike to his lips.
  • He counters with a right defensive strike to the inside of your left arm.
  • He sends his right back at you as a chin-ken to the face.
  • You counter with a left defensive strike inside his right arm.
  • Grab his right wrist with your left hand, throw a right chin-ken claw at his face.
  • Grab him by the lips with your right hand, and throw him with a right leg osoto gake.

Move Like a Ghost

To-Shin Do® 5th Degree Black Belt “Move Like a Ghost” teaches an amazing set of invisible movement escapes to overcome locks and throws commonly taught in many grappling martial arts. Learn to go magically beyond conventional with these To-Shin Do® advanced Black Belt responses taught by master instructors An-shu Rumiko Hayes, Master Mark Sentoshi Russo, and Master James Kentoshi Norris.