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押 虚 O-Kyo “Shove Feint” An aggressor grabs your left lapel and right sleeve and twists you into place for a forward shoulder throw. In old Japan, the right arm was usually the more dangerous one, and so getting inside and taking control of the arm was a common goal in any form of hand-to-hand […]


抗 抒 Ko-Yoku “Deny aggressor’s attack” Practice moving decisively into an aggressor’s attack at just the right moment. Move too soon, and he can retract his commitment and intercept you (or in a modern courtroom, you could be guilty of assault – “you started the fight!”). Move too late, and you will be fighting from […]


抒 投 Yoku-To “Attack Throw-Back” Practice making decisions under pressure. There may not be enough time to recognize his technique, so you need a quick response capable of handling many possibilities. You will know what he is throwing at you only as the attack unfolds. With minimal information as to what is coming, you have […]