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Effortless Throws

The Ninja can accomplish their goals without the need to use physical force. In this session from Ninja Festival, Dennis Fuutoshi Mahoney shows you how to use gravity to off balance and throw your opponent effortlessly. This course is dedicated to the memory of our friend Paul.


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The Invisible Warrior – Festival 2013

Mark Sentoshi Russo

Mark Sentoshi Russo

Reappearing Dangerously

Shihan Mark Sentoshi Russo examines the art of setting traps that attackers can fall in to, which in turn allow you to achieve greater success in defending yourself.

James Kentoshi Norris

James Kentoshi Norris

Attacking From the Shadows

Shihan James Kentoshi Norris explores the concept of attacking from multiple and unexpected angles and alignments to gain a tactical advantage over your attacker.

Dennis Fuutoshi Mahoney

Dennis Fuutoshi Mahoney

Safety Through Kamae

Shihan Dennis Fuutoshi Mahoney describes how to use kamae and alignment to find safe spaces when attacked from several angles.

Ground Fighting III

Learn advanced skills, locks and ground defenses. Master Norris and An-shu Hayes guide you through lessons for dealing with dangerous ground attackers. This course covers many new stand-alone skills, as well as shows you how to put all three ground course skills into a flow drill.


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Kai Soku

Move at just the right moment into just the right space so as to evade the aggressor’s speed, power, leverage, and momentum. You in effect place yourself at an angle that puts you out of reach.