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Gyo-Ja Recitation Handbook


Shugendo warrior mind & spirit science training key recitation exercises

Paperback, center stapled, 32 pages



Light, tight, easy to carry, easy to fold, easy to hold edited version of some of the key recitation exercises for warrior mind and spirit science training as described in more detail in An-shu Stephen K. Hayes' ACTION MEDITATION workbook. These are the practices used in An-shu's monthly full moon meditation sessions and outdoor path-walking yamabushi training days, and are explored in preparation for initiation into the formal ranks of Koryu Shugendo as taught by Kasumi-An To-Shin Do.

Recitations include:
KI GYO MON – Proper Training Motivation
SAN RAI – Salute to Three Key Refuges
SAN-GE MON – Clarifying and restoring
SHI SHO TAI – 4 Truths of Life
HAS-SHO DO – 8-Fold Self Actualization
JU-YON KAI – 14 Point Ethics Code
JIP-PARAMITSU – 10 Hero Parameters
GO DAI GAN – 5 Bodhisattva Great Vows
HYAKU JI MYO – 100-Letter Vajrasattva Purification
MISOGI NO HARAI – Ablution Purification
HANNYA SHIN GYO – Heart of Transcendental Wisdom
KU JO SHAKU JO – Ringed Staff Vows
KUJI KIRI – Nine Syllable Cutting
EKO MON – Dedicating Merit


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