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Book – Shugendo Sen-datsu Advanced Handbook


Book 2 – Shugendo warrior mind & spirit science training advanced recitation exercises

Paperback, center stapled, 32 pages



Book 2 for Kasumi-An Shugendo students! Light, tight, easy to carry, easy to fold, easy to hold advanced recitation exercises for warrior mind and spirit science training. These are the practices used in An-shu's outdoor path-walking yamabushi training days, explored in preparation for initiation as Gyoja in Shugendo.

Recitations include:
HORA MON – Conch Shell Battle Trumpet
KUYO MON – Offering Verse
OHARAE NO NORITO – Purification Recitation
FUDO KYO – Fudo Myo-Oh Summons
HARAI – Blessing
TO-MYO TODOKE – Create Brightness
HO GO – Revered Names as Mantra
KI-GAN – Aspiration for World Peace
SHIN-BUTSU MODOSHI – Return to Spirits (of the mountains)


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