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Uki Waza – Helping Your Attacker Throw Themselves

Uki Waza

In this video series we will explore Uki-Waza, the floating technique, and how we can capture the push of our attacker, drop underneath them, and accelerate them into a powerful sacrifice throw. Uki-Waza is part of the sutemi-waza, “sacrifice throw” family of techniques. You often hear in Martial Arts descriptions that this style or that style “uses the opponent’s strength against them”. These techniques truly do that, the opponent powers the throw that is ultimately used against them.

We explore how to apply Uki-Waza from a standing lock-up, if we find ourselves down on the ground and want to regain our feet, if an opponent tackles us, from behind our attacker, with a jacket to grab, and how to do it if we don’t have a jacket to grab onto. Most importantly you will be shown how to “receive” this technique so that you can practice it safely with your training partners.

Once you master this set of techniques you will have a great tool to use if someone who is bigger, stronger, or more aggressive starts to use their strength to move you against your will. This course also ties in with the “Countering and Escaping Dangerous Ground Positions”, Countering and Escaping Common Armlocks on the Ground” “and “Street Applicable Ground Control Strategies” to provide you with a complete movement system that gives you takedown strategies, ground control techniques, and devastating fight finishing options.


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