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The Four Primary Secrets to Mastering Taijutsu

The Four Primary Secrets to Mastering Taijutsu

Join Shihan Mark Sentoshi Russo as he dives deep into the four primary secrets that lead to mastery of taijutsu. Sentoshi is detailed, demonstrative, and deliberate in these extended explorations of each principle so you can build them into your training at the root level. To get the most out of this course, Sentoshi recommends a four-week rotation where your awareness is focused on one principle at a time for a full week of training.



Length: 29 minutesAuthor: Mark Sentoshi Russo

At the core of taijutsu mastery is the concept of groundedness. By working with gravity instead of against it, we can achieve natural speed, natural power, and natural balance. Not only is groundedness the first principle for mastery, it is the key to achieving success with the other three principles. Gravity is around 24 hours […]


Length: 22 minutesAuthor: Mark Sentoshi Russo

When an attacker has their balance they focus on harming you. When you take their balance away, they must focus on regaining it. This leaves them vulnerable and allows you to defend yourself with much less effort. With these simple concepts, you’ll learn how to unbalance your opponent while keeping your own balance.

Unified Movement

Length: 13 minutesAuthor: Mark Sentoshi Russo

When your whole body moves as a unit you can deliver more natural power, achieve more natural speed, and take better control of time and space. Where traditional martial arts train people to move their limbs independently, we do the opposite. Learning to understand the critical nature of unified movement is a base line key […]


Length: 12 minutesAuthor: Mark Sentoshi Russo

Moving with your attacker is the first step in learning how to effectively use time as a weapon. Where other martial arts and more unskilled practitioners “do things at the opponent”, we learn how to move with our attacker to create unique and unexpected opportunities to win.

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