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Street Applicable Ground Control Strategies

Street Applicable Ground Control Strategies

Not every self-defense situation or conflict justifies completely incapacitating your attacker. Not every conflict scenario allows you the opportunity to escape once you’ve taken your opponent down. Maybe you have to deal with your attacker once you’ve defended yourself so that they don’t harm anyone else. Maybe it’s your job or responsibility to detain this individual so that they can be brought to justice. Maybe your attacker is a confused or mentally unstable individual who must be carefully and compassionately contained rather than injured.

In this video lesson series we will explore the use of “Uki-gatame”, the “floating hold”, otherwise known as the “knee-on-belly” position. Uki-gatame allows us to take the fight down to the ground while staying on top and making our opponent carry our weight, effectively limiting their counter attack and escape options. More importantly Uki-gatame allows us to disengage from our attacker when the situation calls for it. You will be guided through several positional transitions to help you manage a wildly thrashing or very strong opponent, several joint locking (or breaking, your choice) techniques, and how to utilize this position for delivering effective strikes to your attacker.

In order to take the fight to the ground we will explore a Koto Ryu Koppojutsu Kata, Sha-to, because of the options that it allows for. Armbar takedowns, wrist locks, shoulder cranks, and front throws (Ganseki-nage) will be demonstrated to illustrate the wide array of possible entries into top controlling positions. After mastering the lessons in these videos you will be able to add these principles into your randori and self-protection skills enhancing your ability to respond to a wider variety of scenarios.


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