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Ganseki Nage Principles for Mastery

Ganseki Nage is the fundamental forward hip throw technique in the To-Shin Do Ninja taijutsu self-defense system. Our approach is very different from similar techniques found in Judo and Jujitsu. This course will guide you, in detail, through the science, body movement, applications and variations of this throw/takedown technique.


The Science Behind It

Author: Mark Sentoshi Russo

This is an in depth, step by step presentation of the essential science and body movement principles that make for a minimum effort, maximum effect ganseki takedown.

The Cutoff and the Fish Tail

Author: Mark Sentoshi Russo

Breaking balance and then preventing your opponent from correcting or regaining balance is a fundamental principle in the To-Shin Do self-defense approach. This essential movement is covered specifically.

Ganseki Ori

Author: Mark Sentoshi Russo

This variation solves the problem of an attempted headlock shutdown of the technique and can also be used to damage or break the controlling arm.

A Tour Through the Elements

Author: Mark Sentoshi Russo

Deepen your understanding of the elements with this quick tour through the four elemental energies of earth, water, wind, and fire applied to the Ganseki technique. Break through the incorrect yet natural tendency to associate a technique with a specific element.

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