It was a hot Monday afternoon in June 2005 when I was told that Stephen K. Hayes would never come to Ancona, Italy because I was an unknown. "Stephen Hayes has never been to Rome or Milan," a friend told me. "It's impossible he will come to Ancona!" He was wrong. Before I knew it, An-shu was there in a small city in Italy, hosted by this unknown - me. Since then I have represented my teacher and To-Shin Do here in Italy, trying to spread his incredible teachings to as many as possible.

But it wasn't always easy. When I lost my father in 2011, I became depressed, I let myself get out of shape, and found it difficult to teach and train. And one day, I watched one of An-shu's lessons from an event in 2007 and everything changed. It helped me understand the tools that To-Shin Do gives me and to find the strength to overcome this rough time and to reach a more positive, constructive attitude. To-Shin Do has become the fulcrum of my life. It helps me to understand things like the revolutionary power of the smile and gives me the opportunity to help others. has become one of my most important tools to learn and advance in To-Shin Do. With my teacher so far away, training consisted of a handful of events and some bad note-taking on paper.

Later, I would try to figure out what I had written down in the moment, but usually wasn't able to return to that particular lesson based on what I had written down. Now my teachers are always with me - on my schedule. I can use a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone to get the training I only dreamed of when i was a kid. And when I want direct feedback, I can take all the private lessons that I like!

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