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Book – Vajrakilaya: Heart of Light, Blade of Thunder

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Hardback book
305 pages
Includes a short preface by the author, Stephen K. Hayes



Traveling as security escort with the Dalai Lama, author Stephen K. Hayes found himself introduced to a hidden part of Tibetan spiritual lore. In discovering Vajrakilaya, the wielder of the phurba demon defeating dagger, he became captivated with gaining more and more expertise with the secretive practice. He ended up in India and Nepal pursuing the phurba dagger lore for the next 20 years.

In Heart of Light, Blade of Thunder, Author Stephen K. Hayes describes how he learned about Vajrakilaya, how he became fascinated with the little known lore, and finally how he began his journey towards mastery of the practice.

The book consists of 36 short chapters. Each chapter starts with a story from the author’s investigation, and then goes on to reveal a bit about Vajrakilaya phurba practice. Each chapter closes with a page of questions or considerations stimulated by the chapter just read.

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3 reviews for Book – Vajrakilaya: Heart of Light, Blade of Thunder

  1. Mitchell (verified owner)

    If you are familiar with the manner and style of Stephen K. Hayes’ writing, you realize that there is always more to the story than what appears at first glance. This is a profound attribute of an excelled teacher, trusted guide and honored mentor, who can reveal multi-dimensional truths, revelations and insights, simultaneously, and always dependent upon the reader’s state of readiness and courageous willingness to look beyond the conventional. Yet again, Mr. Hayes carefully crafts the schematics of enlightened transcendence within an engaging narrative of his personal journey of exploration within this lifetime. Depending upon where the journey of self-discovery leads you – some assembly, or disassembly, may be required. With courage and faith… move onward! Ever onward, through the pages, and within your significant, purposeful and awakened life!

  2. Ron

    I have been a practicing Tibetan Buddhist these past many years. I received the Vajrakilaya training and empowerments several years ago at the Padmasambhava Buddhist center from the brothers. Mr. Hayes does a remarkable job of adding insights to each chapter in his book. While the chapters were an interesting narrative of his time with Tenzin Gyatso, The Dalai Lama, his notes at the end of each chapter add very useful exercises that anyone can do and most should gain a great deal from them. Those who are practicing Tibetan Buddhists especially. I would like to thank him for this book.

  3. Fausto Aiazzi

    An amazing book I enjoy the reading very insightful i like the practice of removing obstacles in life and the red phurba!!!

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