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Book – The Ninja and Their Secret Fighting Art

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Mind and body primed for combat, history, strategy, philosophy, and spiritual powers of Japan's invisible warriors, as written during Stephen K. Hayes' 1970s apprenticeship in the home dojo of the Togakure ninja grandmaster.

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This is An-shu Stephen K. Hayes’ very first book. It was written in the late 1970s during his days as an apprentice in the home dojo of Masaaki Hatsumi, 34th generation head of the Togakure Ryu ninja. Author Hayes’ uses personal stories from his years studying in Japan to bring to vibrant life the once-secret story of these amazing warriors from Japan’s ancient cultural history.

In feudal Japan, ninja warriors were credited with supernatural powers of invisibility and ways of learning any secret, and were feared for their skill in espionage and combat. Behind these legends is the reality of an ancient, sophisticated, highly systematic art known as ninjutsu.

Perhaps Japan’s most misunderstood martial art, the secret fighting art of the ninja emphasizes naturalness of movement, responsiveness to one’s adversary, and total practicality. Women as well as men were trained in this obscure and deadly defensive art.

For centuries of Japanese history, ninja combat system practitioners needed to hold their organized training curriculum in absolute secrecy. Now, all aspects of ninjutsu are revealed in this remarkable book written by the first American trained in Japan as a Togakure ninja.

Just as important a book today as it was when first published over 30 years ago, The Ninja And Their Secret Fighting Art from Tuttle established Stephen K. Hayes as a martial arts writer like no other.

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3 reviews for Book – The Ninja and Their Secret Fighting Art

  1. An-shu Stephen K. Hayes

    Author Stephen K. Hayes here…

    There are some wonderful reviews for The Ninja And Their Secret Fighting Art on Amazon and Barnes & Noble web sites. 
    (And yes, to be expected, a few trolls left some put-downs there too.)

    Please encourage your training friends to use this page to jot down some impressions of how this first book influenced your training and your path in the martial arts.

    What role did this first book about the ninja play in your life?

    – An-shu Stephen K. Hayes

  2. Daniel Grant Baker

    Along with “The Ninja Defense”, I would recommend this book to anyone starting out in To-Shin Do. Mixed with Ninja history, practical knowledge, and the training wonder and greatness from An-shu Stephen K. Hayes; this book is a great addition to any training or knowledge collection.

    I have found this book to be a great help in my To-Shin Do Level 1 (Yellow Belt) training.

  3. Jayson M.

    I purchase this book in the mid 90s while training in other martial arts. It gave me great insight to Ninjutsu as a whole, history, and helped me start my journey to search for a true self defense and wholeistic martial art. I traveled to another state and once I landed I enrolled into a To-Shind Do dojo. Ever since my martial skill, understanding, and mental state has gotten better and better.

    Thank you Sokke Hayes for following your dreams and publishing this book.

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