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DVD – Ninja Shuriken

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Perhaps the most iconic weapon of the legendary ninja is the shuriken. An-shu Stephen K. Hayes shows you how the ninja used this weapon both as a projectile and an in-close blade. This 50 minute home-training learning program is full of exercises, insights, and instructions for passing the test for Kihon Fundamentals diploma in Stephen K. Hayes’ martial art of To-Shin Do®. This one-of-a-kind lesson covers techniques and tactics for developing the kind of skill for which the ninja invisible warriors of Japan became legends.

1 review for DVD – Ninja Shuriken

  1. Tom (verified owner)

    There’s more to this skill than ‘throwing,’ as I learned. The DVD is deceptively simple, but to master the basics it teaches, takes practice and concentration. My garage walls can attest to that. I always appreciate An-shu’s instructional DVD’s because I can refer back to them for a clear, organized method from which to build skills.

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