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DVD – Ryu Tai Series 2: Dragon Body Ninja Yoga

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We can stimulate the body's three purifying systems of lymph, blood circulation and digestion using Ryu Tai's scientific system of gentle twists, stretches and pressure-point exercises.

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As the outer dragon, our To-Shin Do ninja martial art advances to effortless generation of power and command.

As the inner dragon, our vital energies focus against accumulated damage from toxins, stressful living, and wear-and-tear for enhanced restoration and regeneration of health. Through gentle scientific Ryu Tai Dragon Body Ninja Yoga twist, stretch, and pressure-point exercises, we can stimulate the body’s 3 purifying systems of lymph, blood circulation, and digestion to function at their best to enhance, restore, and regenerate vitality, suppleness, mental clarity, and longevity.

On one DVD, you get a 30-minute and a 45-minute session–2 distinct practices of Ryu Tai Dragon Body, guided and explained by An-shu Rumiko Urata Hayes.

An-shu Rumiko Urata Hayes has dedicated her life to the eastern teachings of self-defense as well as health of body, mind and spirit. Together with her husband, An-shu Stephen K. Hayes, she travels the world teaching these centuries-old technologies in their quest for the betterment of human kind.

2 reviews for DVD – Ryu Tai Series 2: Dragon Body Ninja Yoga

  1. Luis

    I highly recommend this training!

  2. Brady (verified owner)

    Hello. I have over 15 years experience with martial arts and Chi Kung; and this is one of if not the best Junan Taiso for a martial artist I have ever encountered.

    This DVD is the absolute closest thing to Martial Qigong I’ve ever experienced from a modern source. This practice is up there with 8 Pieces of Brocade in simplicity and benefits.

    If you like Qigong you must own this DVD to add its wisdom to your practices.

    I cannot compliment it high enough using words. Just try it, I promise if you can feel your own Chi this DVD will be your go to.

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