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DVD – Meditation for Martial Artists

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Meditation for Martial Artists: introduces you to fundamental directed concentration to counter an adversary’s attempt to use Distraction, Diversion, Delusion, Doubt, and Denial to diminish your fighting focus and will to win. To counter these “5 Ds” of the inner enemy, imperturbable focus is the impenetrable armor of the highest warrior!

Meditation Kihon Fundamentals:
–Introduction to Meditation
–Concentration, meditation, and samadhi explained
–Mindfulness, Introspection, and Visualization explained
–Meditation seat demonstrated
–How to time your meditation session

1 review for DVD – Meditation for Martial Artists

  1. Tom M. (verified owner)

    Quality Meditation introduction, overview and excellent 20 minute meditation. If time I review all; if in a hurry I do my 20 minute meditation in morning and I do “The White Light” meditation from Anshu Hayes’ on the computer You Tube web site. Daily “pause” has meant steady improvement in all aspects.

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