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DVD – Kuji-Kiri & Kuji-In Box Set

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A master’s understanding of warrior presence. We train for physical mastery in a dangerous world, and then we translate that fighter prowess into warrior will – pure intention at work subduing negative forces in the world.



An-shu gives a from-the-heart explanation and interpretation of training in spiritual protection power projection for martial artists. An-shu takes you through a step-by-step process for learning the mechanics of the ninja’s Kuji-Kiri “grid of 9 syllable slashes” and the mechanics of the ninja’s Kuji-In “9 syllable mudra” finger grip symbols, setting you on the path of personally building protector power presence.
2 DVDs, each DVD approx. 80 minutes

4 reviews for DVD – Kuji-Kiri & Kuji-In Box Set

  1. Jim McFarland, Yondan-Budo Taijutsu

    This is bar none, the highest quality, most thorough instruction available in both the ninja’s legendary “Nine Syllables Cutting” Kuji Kiri method of spirit projection, as well the ninja’s Kuji Goshin Ho ” Nine Syllables Spirit Protection Method”. An-Shu Hayes takes these very misunderstood, currently highly misrepresented methods, and makes them graspable with down-to-earth explanations. When compared to currently available resources on the subject – these guides are priceless! I have qualified these discs against several other reliable sources-and these are the best available! I suggest reading and re-reading An-Shu’s explanation in his books and then watching these videos many, many times-then seek out competent in-person initiation….these are a lifelong exploration!

  2. Eric

    I got my boxed set in the mail after only 1 day of ordering, it came much quicker then anticipated. The video was of great quality, even the background music was entrancing. It gave an in-depth review of each of the Kuji along with history of each one. It was a lot more information contained on both DVD’s then I expected and I would advise anyone interested to buy it. You have got me looking for more DVD’s and Books now. Keep up the quality recordings, you gained a student.

  3. MontHansen (verified owner)

    If you’re interested in the Kuji, I recommend you get a copy of this set. Not only does Anshu Hayes go into detail on each of the nine words and their associated mudra, he gives a down to earth explanation as to how the Kuji work. The material met my expectations and I look forward to exploring it further.

  4. Jayson

    Awesome dvd set. Goes over the representation of all kuji, and how they are used to balance and hone your body, energy, and thoughts. I have used these techniques many times and found them very useful. Anshu Hayes is a very great teacher of eastern concepts made for western thinkiers to understand. Helps os understand why certain body dynamics occur and how to better your own. 👍🏾🙂

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