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DVD – Ku-no-ichi/Dragon Body Escapes Box Set


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To-Shin Do® 6th Degree Black Belt Dragon Body Escapes

An amazing set of ninja brain and body flexibility escapes to overcome locks and throws commonly taught in many grappling martial arts. Learn to go way beyond conventional with these advanced Black Belt responses taught by An-shu Stephen K. Hayes’ in his visionary martial art of To-Shin Do®.

To-Shin Do® Ku-no-Ichi Female Ninja

Secrets from An-shu Rumiko Hayes, teaching her unparalleled subtle unarmed taijutsu for defeating a bigger assailant. Starting from an attack with tight grabs from strong hands, learn the secrets of hard-to-detect strategic position changing and efficient perfect-fit timing to meet and defeat each move of a big attacker’s assault. Taped at the annual Ninja Festival training convention and An-shu Stephen and Rumiko Hayes’ personal training hall, this hour-long DVD shows you clearly these important sneaky secrets for “winning while smaller”.


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