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DVD – Kou-Ryaku: Unarmed Against Sword

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Kou-Ryaku historical Gyokko Ryu unarmed defense against a sword – To-Shin Do 5th Degree Black Belt technique

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To-Shin Do Kou-Ryaku teaches principles of 5th degree black belt movement based on the historical Gyokko Ryu ninja unarmed defense against a sword attack that teaches how to use timing and body frame to lock up and defeat an attacker. An-shu Stephen K. Hayes, An-shu Rumiko Hayes, James Kentoshi Norris and Shane Raitoshi Stevens share secrets for bringing to life these techniques, tactics, and strategies from An-shu Stephen K. Hayes’ visionary martial art of To-Shin Do®.
To-Shin Do Gyokko Ryu Kou-Ryaku

  • How to use energy and positioning to gain control
  • How to lock up the attacker using your body
  • How to catch an arm using timing
  • How to use gravity to create a throw
  • How to lock an attacker to your body to defeat strength
  • How to create dropping throw “Te Makura”
  • How to reverse the attacker’s sword back on them
  • How to lock up an arm in the middle of a knife attack
  • How to use arm lock up to defeat ground pin and punch

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1 review for DVD – Kou-Ryaku: Unarmed Against Sword

  1. Briptu

    Great classes you are rnuning. I am very interested in the ninja science of swords. I did kendo for a little while in College and once again thought I knew how to use a sword or throw a punch. Thank you for opening my eyes and allowing me to experience first hand self protection.

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