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DVD – Kenjutsu Shoden

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Kenjutsu Shoden Japanese Battlefield Sword Advanced Training 4 DVD set

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To-Shin Do Kenjutsu Shoden is advanced training for mastery in the Japanese battlefield long sword fighting as taught in Kasumi-An To-Shin Do. This 4-DVD set goes beyond the fundamental Kihon skills to give you the strategies and insights for mastering the Japanese long sword. Unique to the Japanese Sengoku Warring States era, these sword methods are more difficult to find than the traditional Edo age samurai sword techniques taught in most kenjutsu schools today. An-shu Stephen K. Hayes teaches the in-depth details of the classical form, and also demonstrates strategies for modern street defense based on the ancient principles of To-Shin Do Kenjutsu long sword combat.


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  1. Kendall Kelsoe

    This impressive video cuts to the heart of what Japanese sword fighting was like during the Sengoku Warring States period (1467 –
    1615). The era was full of upheaval and almost constant warfare.
    Samurai armies fought wearing full armor, with strong, robust weaponry.
    Ninjutsu Master, Stephen K. Hayes, shares these sword techniques and brings them into the modern world.
    Anshu, (his official title) begins with a demonstration of basics. He shows how to wield a battle sword, on open, uneven terrain. The
    battlefield is rough ground, with mud and natural obstacles. Mr. Hayes breaks down these techniques into easy-to-understand segments.
    Importantly, he explains what can go wrong in a swordfight, and how
    not to get killed in a horrible manner by a sword. He shows how defense is stronger than offense in personal combat.
    Anshu Stephen K. Hayes has an agreeable, affable teaching style. He
    is very encouraging and positive with a sense of humor. Anshu’s
    teaching communication is direct, concise, definitive and easily
    understood. He makes a clear distinction that these are not techniques designed for lighter, faster swords. Not the Rapier or
    Chinese Gim swords, but a Dai-Katana (long sword).
    He shares insight into a seldom discussed aspect – “what if your
    opponent is exceptionally skilled”?
    The very real perspective of being hurt or killed by an opponent’s sword is examined thoroughly. The “nuts and bolts” of what is realistic
    in a sword fight is very intriguing.
    Mr. Hayes and his students demonstrate how to use both evasive
    body movement and dynamic, powerful cuts.
    The camera then moves to training inside Anshu’s Dojo. He reminds
    us that a dojo has a flat, level training area. This includes sparring with
    padded swords (gekkan) and movement drills. Sparring is essential
    for learning full speed techniques. This video is not filled with flashy
    movements, but solid, strong techniques.
    This extensive 4 DVD set is packed with useful teachings. If you love
    swords, this is a treasure-trove of fascinating information. Other
    sword-disciplines can use these videos to gain insight in their own
    Many helpful things can be learned from what is presented here.
    While nothing is better than training with a teacher, this video can be
    useful to both the beginner and advanced swordsman.

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