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DVD – Hanbo and Baton Variations

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Han-bo and Baton Variations: explores some of the basics and application of Japanese classical Hanbo cane fighting techniques and modern adaptations with a metal flashlight. Taught by An-shu Stephen K. Hayes, Brett Dotoshi Varnum, and Gary Dotoshi Bolton, these techniques, tactics, and strategies from the Kuki Shinden Ryu Happobiken warrior tradition lead you to the kind of skill that made legendary the ninja invisible warriors of Japan.

Hanbo Cane Grab Reversals
Maglight Flashlight Baton Techniques
Hanbo Cane Counterstrike Defenses

1 review for DVD – Hanbo and Baton Variations

  1. Tom M. (verified owner)

    I applied thins information to my Tai-Chi cane routines, Yang form and Chen form. For me the best part of the DVD lessons was the final lesson on reversal cane grip and thus counter strikes. This technique radicalized my approach to cane use and my self defense use of the cane improved tremendously. I recommend this lesson to anyone from beginner to intermediate (me) to advanced. One will get good information to use or add to what they know. All of the lessons were well done.

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