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DVD – 30 Essential Ground Skills


TO-SHIN DO 30 ESSENTIAL GROUND SKILLS is a 10-DVD learning program teaching applications and counters for 30 of the most common and dangerous ground grappling attacks. Learn common ground fighting skills and real-world techniques for defending against them! Stephen K. Hayes and James Kentoshi Norris bring to life these techniques, tactics, and strategies from An-shu Stephen K. Hayes' visionary martial art of To-Shin Do.

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  • Disk 1 (Mount reverse, Guard escape, Oni Kudaki)
  • Disk 2 (Arm bar, Kneeling arm bar, Juji Gatami)
  • Disk 3 (Guillotine, Loop choke, Sankaku Jime)
  • Disk 4 (Chin twist roll, Bent arm roll, Rear choke)
  • Disk 5 (Oni Kudaki 2, Straight arm roll, Oni kudaki 3)
  • Disk 6 (Neck lock, Arm bar, Juji Gatami 2)
  • Disk 7 (Shoulder lock, Kesa Gatame, Kesa Gatame 2)
  • Disk 8 (Nightmare choke, Sankaku Jime 2, Juji Gatami 3)
  • Disk 9 (Stack defense, Ankle lock, Juji Gatami 4)
  • Disk 10 (Elevator throw, Knee lock, Mount)


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