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9. Drill – Half of a Technique

One of my recent favorite drills for our more experienced students (Black Belts and higher) is to try to limit ourselves and only perform the first half of a given technique, then see what results are produced. The goal is to develop a flow ability to see if we can connect concepts and strategies in real time to deal with an opponent's counters.

7. Hub 2 – Guard Pass

Here we explore two ways to pass our opponents potentially defensive “Guard” position by using one of two techniques, the “X Pass” or the “Stack Pass”. Passing the guard allows us to move away from our attacker and escape or to move on top of them to control where the situation goes next.

4. Hubs and Spokes

The “Hubs and Spokes” concept has been a really great tool for me as a practitioner to understand how multiple techniques can fit and flow together to help me stay in front of a problem until the correct solution presents itself. As an instructor I believe that this simple concept helps to highlight the amount of options that our advanced students truly have at their disposal.

3. Standing Arm Bar to Oni Kudaki

The Oni-Kudaki arm lock is an easy alternative to the omote gyaku wrist lock when flowing from the standing arm bar. In this lesson we will cover the hand positioning and footwork necessary to perform this extremely powerful strategy smoothly.

2. Standing Arm Bar to Omote Gyaku

In this portion of the lesson you will explore transitioning from one very common technique, the standing arm bar takedown (a variation of “muso-dori”) into an outward rolling wrist lock or break (omote-gyaku) as an illustration of our ability to flow from one concept to another seamlessly.

10. Closing Thoughts

If we can truly flow from one technique to another and remain unattached to the outcome of a “move”, then we can experience our own ability to flow without tension. This calmness will allow us to make better decisions under pressure as well as preserve our physical energy reserves by avoiding the “struggle”.

Cleansing Meditation

Feel better, be better. Negative energy manifests in many ways, none of them are good for you. Stress and strife are an unavoidable part of life. Use this short cleansing meditation frequently to keep yourself clear and calm.

Two Thieves

Ever had trouble setting asside the past? Can’t stop thinking about how things will turn out in the future? This meditation can help you learn how to stay in the present moment, which is what matters most.

Essential Breath Meditation

This combination of breath work and meditation is designed to revitalize your body and center your mind. Start your day from a position of clarity or end your day by returning to peace of mind.