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Tomoe Nage

In this course we explore Tomoe-Nage, or “The Circle Throw”. You will learn how to launch an attacker overhead utilizing their weight and aggression against them. You will develop the ability to flip an aggressive attacker over onto their back when you find yourself in a position of disadvantage on the ground. You will also develop several tools that you can use to disable an opponent after you take them down all while maintaining a tight control on them. Included in this course are two surprise bonus lessons!


2. Overhead Sweep

Author: Hardee Hakutoshi Merritt

This lesson covers the technique of the “Overhead Sweep” as an introduction to lifting and throwing your opponent overhead with your feet as well as the practical technique of dealing with an opponent who is trying to strike you while you are on your back.

3. Tomoe Nage

Author: Hardee Hakutoshi Merritt

Tomoe Nage is part of the “sutemi-waza” (sacrifice technique) family of throws and takedowns. Like the other throws in this family we capture the energy and commitment of the attacker to use against them.

4. Cross Collar Choke

Author: Hardee Hakutoshi Merritt

The cross collar choke from the “top mount” position is an excellent way to follow up your successful Tomoe-Nage throw and any other time you find yourself sitting astride your opponent.

9. Closing Thoughts

Author: Hardee Hakutoshi Merritt

When you find yourself up against an unyielding force rather than waste energy fighting strength to strength take advantage of the attackers energy and give way, allowing them to defeat themselves.

11. Bonus – Helicopter Arm Bar

Author: Hardee Hakutoshi Merritt

Both the “Overhead Sweep” and the standard entry into Tomoe-Nage allow for you to perform what we call the “helicopter armbar”. This is a very flashy but devastatingly effective technique that captures your opponent in mid air and disorientingly drops them into your armbar trap before they even find the ground.

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