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The Five Ds of Self Defense

In this free course, An-shu Stephen K. Hayes and his Shihan Kai master instructors guide you through the five stages of a conflict. These foundational principles are an important first step on your journey toward Black Belt.

It is important to understand why self- defense situations are fundamentally different from the regulated dynamics of contest martial arts. In a real self-defense scenario, there are no rules and the intent to harm is unlimited. There is no time limit, there is no matching of size and weight categories. This is not sportsmanship, this is a predator attacking prey. Self-defense is often unexpected, potentially confusing, and possibly deadly.



Author: To-Shin Do Masters

When discerning an imminent danger, it is important to keep yourself safe by defending against the attack. The concepts of self-defense often go way beyond the physical, and Shihan Russo discusses these possibilities in detail.


Author: To-Shin Do Masters

The Five D model is brought to completion when you have delivered your counter attack. Perhaps the fight is not over yet. Perhaps your attacker is not alone. In any case, discerning the situation is crucial.