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New Moment New Beginning

The 5 D’s of self-defense, our five step process for solving a self-defense conflict, begins and ends with Discern. We have to recognize there is a problem in order to solve it, we have to recognize what the true problem is, and we have to recognize at the end of our technique whether or not to conflict has been resolved. But there is even more to this idea of Discern. Our written language makes it look like that Discern only bookends the process, something we do at the beginning and again at the end. In truth, the Discern part of the 5 D’s actually happens all the way through a technique. It is a continuous flow, rather than a step to be completed.
This workshop looks in detail at how each moment in a technique could be a new beginning with a whole new problem to solve, and thus requiring a completely new Defend, Disrupt and Deliver. If we are not receptive to that possibility we end up ‘doing things’ to the attacker rather than allowing them to create their own defeat. By keeping this Discern flowing through the whole technique, we can change and adapt to any interruption to our movement and turn it to our advantage.


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