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Gyaku Nage Kata

The Kuki Shinden Ryu taijutsu exercise Gyaku Nage was most likely originally taught as a way to learn to fight an adversary in Japanese samurai armor. That is how my teacher first taught it to me in Japan in the 1970s.


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Step by Step

  • Begin with free tactical movement from the kosei no kamae.
  • He executes a right punch.
  • Counter with a left forearm hit to the inside of his right arm.
  • Follow with a chin-ken fingertip spear to the lips.
  • He counters by leaning his head back.
  • You follow with a right kick to his left knee.
  • He counters by pulling his left leg further back away from the kick.
  • He continues with a left punch to your face.
  • You counter with a right defensive strike to the inside of his left arm.
  • Grab his left wrist with your right hand and execute a left chin-ken strike to his lips.
  • He counters with a right defensive strike to the inside of your left arm.
  • He sends his right back at you as a chin-ken to the face.
  • You counter with a left defensive strike inside his right arm.
  • Grab his right wrist with your left hand, throw a right chin-ken claw at his face.
  • Grab him by the lips with your right hand, and throw him with a right leg osoto gake.


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