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Guillotine Choke – Counters and Applications

The Guillotine choke is an attack that can be used against us by practitioners of jiujitsu, mixed martial arts, and even relatively untrained individuals because of its simplicity. Properly applied, this choke can render a person unconscious in a matter of seconds, so it is imperative that we know how to prevent and escape from the choke to build our self defense efficacy. As a component in the “To-Shin Do Ground Flow kata” (technique number 7) we should strive to be competent at applying and countering this movement on the ground.


4. Hip Heist to Guillotine Combination

Author: Hardee Hakutoshi Merritt

This lesson covers another example of how a Guillotine Choke can be applied as part of a technique combination flow on the ground. The “Hip Heist” sweep is one of the easiest ways to get off of your back in an altercation if you find yourself or place yourself into a guard position. If the […]

6. Finishing the Counter

Author: Hardee Hakutoshi Merritt

In this lesson we explore two options that you have once you’ve passed your attacker’s guard and avoided the choke. One option presented allows you to keep your attacker down and apply a counter choke of your own; the other option sets you up to disengage and escape. It’s good to have options!

7. Standing Guillotine

Author: Hardee Hakutoshi Merritt

The Guillotine Choke is a very versatile attack and can be employed from a variety of positions including standing. In this lesson, we will look at a few ways that this choke could be applied in standing scenarios.

8. Standing Guillotine Counter 1 – Duck Under

Author: Hardee Hakutoshi Merritt

A counter-intuitive strategy to sneak through a choke attempt that allows you to take an attacker’s back. From this back position we illustrate a few takedown potentials. (the rear “Uki-Waza” as seen in Uki-Waza, Helping Your Attacker Throw Themselves, the takedown component of our “Saka-te Nage” kata, and a sneaky ankle lock set up)

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