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Countering and Escaping Dangerous Ground Positions

Countering and Escaping Dangerous Ground Positions

You find yourself on the ground, trapped underneath your attacker, or held detained, unable to get back up, now what?

We explore the “mount” position and the “closed guard” position as well as two escape options that can help you turn the table on your opponent. Ground fighting has become increasingly popular due to the rise of televised Mixed Martial Arts competitions, but it has always been something that needs to be addressed if you are going to have a complete self-protection skill set.

Both of these positions are being utilized by more and more martial artists and attackers, and therefore should be understood. After viewing and developing these skills you will have an understanding of what it takes to get off of the bottom and back to your feet or how to utilize these positions for your own benefit.

Also, If you are a current To-Shin Do belt holding student these lessons will enhance your Ground Flow Kata understanding as these skills relate to techniques number one and two in the Ground Flow Kata.


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