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Countering and Escaping Common Arm Locks on the Ground

Escaping Ground Arm Locks

You’ve found yourself in a fight on the ground with an obviously skilled attacker who is starting to lock up your arm in an attempt to break it! Do you know what to do?

In this course you’ll be guided through three common arm locks with instruction on how to apply the locks and how to escape them as well. Three “straight” arm locks and a very common “bent” arm lock will be explored in depth so that you have the knowledge that you need if you ever find yourself in this dangerous situation.

With Mixed Martial Art’s rise in popularity along with jiu-jitsu, wrestling, silat, sambo, and judo it’s not impossible that your opponent has some knowledge of these types of attacks. As ninja martial artists it falls on us to know how to utilize our To-Shin strategies against all types of attacks. After mastering the movements in this lesson you will have the tools that you need to navigate these difficult scenarios and successfully protect yourself against these armlocks.

Also, If you are a current To-Shin Do belt holding student these videos will enhance your Ground Flow Kata understanding as these skills relate to techniques number three through number seven in the Ground Flow Kata. The counters that you learn will allow you and your partner to flow through the Kata and practice it as one long fight sequence rather than just as a string of techniques.


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