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Ashi Oni Kudaki – Bottom Side Control Escapes

In this course we will be exploring how to apply an “Oni-Kudaki” shoulder/elbow lock with our legs from underneath and on top of our opponent in addition to a few other escape sequences from the bottom “side control” position.


4. Ashi Oni Kudaki from Top Side Control

Author: Hardee Hakutoshi Merritt

Hon Kesa Gatame is the “Scarf Hold” position that we wind up in after we perform the “Straight Arm Roll-over” technique. From this top position we have the opportunity to again apply “Ashi Oni-Kudaki”. In this lesson we will explore how to attack our opponents arm with our legs after we’ve secured the “high ground”.

5. Kubi Nage into Hon Kesa Gatame

Author: Hardee Hakutoshi Merritt

Kubi Nage is the “Neck Throw”. As To-Shin practitioners we have the opportunity to use this technique in a lot of situations but it is important for us to know how to finish it effectively if our opponent isn’t injured in the takedown.

6. Elbow Escape from Bottom Side Control

Author: Hardee Hakutoshi Merritt

The “Elbow Escape” is a method of moving from underneath a “side mount” into a guard position which will allow us to attack, get on top of our opponent, or get up to our feet. There are several details in this lesson that are critically important to it working so please study this lesson multiple […]

8. Elbow Escape to Butterfly Guard

Author: Hardee Hakutoshi Merritt

In this lesson we will look at using the “Elbow Escape” to move to an alternative to the standard “guard” position, the “Butterfly Guard”. From the Butterfly Guard we can employ a version of Uki-waza, the “Butterfly Sweep” (I like to call it a version of “Kocho-Gaeshi”, the butterfly overturn).

9. Bonus – Head and Arm Choke

Author: Hardee Hakutoshi Merritt

As a bonus to you we will cover an invisible choke here, the “head-and-arm choke” or “kata jime”. This choke can be applied at several points in the To-Shin Do Ground Flow kata and has broad applications from many positions.

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