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Advanced Self Protection

Sneaky ninja timing, leverage, and angling to win against the odds

Advanced Self-Protection builds on the success-generation principles of personal confidence, ability to recognize potential danger, and capacity to respond effectively that you learned in Foundations of Self-Protection. Beyond grounded “earth-strong” stability and command, you now explore two more elemental possibilities.

Sui no Kata water element dynamics are the tactics of power and knowledge – the cool science of learning a secret for success and applying disciplined training to develop that secret into a skill. Learn to use strategic timing, distancing, and positioning to win over adversity, tactically shifting position whenever needed to facilitate a better angle on winning.

Hi no Kata fire element dynamics are the energies of committed intense focus – the razor edge of recognizing a problem as it builds, and intercepting at just the right moment. Learn to use split-second observation to generate explosive energy to jam an attacker with your timing, positioning, and leverage.

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